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Lesbian Porn

Lady Love is the name of this episode.  Maybe not the most original name for a lesbian porn video but don’t think the video isn’t amazing.   If you like lesbian porn featuring cute girls getting down together you will want to watch this video.  One sexy blonde and one drop dead gorgeous brunette.  It’s tough to pick which one is better looking.  They obviously think the other one is hot based on their behavior in the video.

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Lesbian Sex

I always have a hard time with the term lesbian sex.  The reason is simple because I only understand sex as something between a man and a women.  Can’t say that means I have an issue with lesbian sex I just can only picture it one way.  A girl using a strapon and inserting it inside her female friend as if its a cock.  But I have been watching the lesbian sex videos inside We Live Together and now I fully understand the concept.  There are dozens of ways for two girls to do it.  In fact if you add a third girl you can come up with additional ways as well.

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We Live Together

Most episodes inside We Live Together feature at least three beautiful women performing in erotic lesbian porn.  The girls might be amateurs but the video is still in HD.  Every week there is a new episode with new girls.  You also get access to a massive archive of past lesbian porn videos.  Current count is over 400 episodes not just HD lesbian porn video but also hundreds of high quality pictures in each set.  You also get bonus access to 30 additional sites in the Reality Kings network.

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Sexy morning

This episode is named Sexy morning.  After sleep over these girls wake up feeling horny.  Even after their morning coffee their sex drive has not subsided so they decided to take care of business even without a boy to help.  That’s okay these cute girls know how to pleasure each other.  After all a girl knows the female body better than any man.

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Christmas Lesbian Holiday

This year was a special Christmas for these two sexy lesbian girlfriends.  We filmed a video for We Live Together.  Have you seen many girls with a better body.  sexy blonde girls with curves and a tight ass. They even call up their other friend and see if she wants to participate in the holiday festivities.   These festivities would include strap on dildo sex,  sharing each others sex toys.  But you can’t simple let your BFF use it by themselves.  These girls share their toys with their girlfriend by using it on them.

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Beautiful Lesbians

These two girls just wanted to get away so they rented a hotel room on the beach for the weekend.    They needed a private place for the two of them to meet up when Nikki arrived her new friend was dressed in sey lingerie.  They both put on sexy outfits and started making out. The tongue covering every square inch of the body.  Eventually going in for a sixty nine with both girls licking each others pussy at the same time.  Same they didn’t get to spend much time out on the beach.

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Blue Eyed Lesbian

After a wild night out on the town partying until the sun came up Molly needed some help cleaning up the mess because she had a hangover and low energy. The other girls decided to go to the mall instead of help clean up.  So she calls the one friend she knows she could depend on.  Of course she has to exchange sexual favors for the help but that’s okay she brings paint to help clean up the graffiti. Before the job is finished they take a break and end up having multiple orgasms.

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Lesbian Pool Party

While swimming a few laps one of the girls notices that there is a very cute lesbian checking her out.  Never having been with a female before she makes sure to show her interest.  They hit the showers together and strike up a conversation which is followed by a lunch date.  So much for the pool party.   They can’t get the thought of pussy out of their minds so she musters up enough courage to proposition her new female friend.Which ends up as a pool side orgy back at the pool party.

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Lesbian Football

Sammie and a few friends are having a friendly game of two hand touch. The teams are blondes vs brunettes.   The blondes score first which is followed by dancing on the field.  This doesn’t sit well with the brunettes.  After a touch down is scored then followed up by an interception.  The game ends with the blondes losing who go into the locker room and shower together.  This leads to an all blonde lesbian orgy.  But little did they know that the brunettes didn’t wait for their orgy they got started right on the field.

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Busty Lesbian

Vivacious vixen has a voluptuous body and two cute female friends for some lesbian action. At first she doesn’t realize whats going on.  But her friends succeed in seducing her into a lesbian threesome.  You can’t blame a girl for being attracted to a cutie with big boobs.  After all isn’t that what a lot of guys like?  Why would females be all that different.  And girls know how to please other girls much better than a man.

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